mercredi 18 avril 2012

Ciprian Ciuclea...................

I am happy to announce the release of my album, edited by Klartext, Germany. Texts by Liviana Dan, Alexandra Titu, Adriana Oprea and Adrian Guta.

Ciprian Ciuclea – installation, video, graphics 2008-2011

Experimental Project Association anounces the release of the album Ciprian Ciuclea – installationen, video, grafik 2008-2011, published by Klartext, Essen, Germany, 2012 (Ed. Doina Talmann).
The album was published with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute of Bucharest and includes texts by Liviana Dan, Alexandra Titu, Adriana Oprea si Adrian Guta.
"Ciprian Ciuclea’s installations are based on mechanisms which consider movement, projection, shadow, reflection, optical phenomena by using, however, elementary technical methods. He concentrates on light, on the mirror, on the sound. He is interested in aesthetics, in the utility of an eccentric geometry.
Working with the idea of experiment the way the classic engravers do, Ciprian Ciuclea brings together nature, science and human perception.
The concrete, yet dreamy way of positioning highlights the behaviour of the natural elements and of the scientific methods he uses.
The type of emotion suggests the quality which makes people change their way of thinking." [Liviana Dan]