mardi 2 mars 2010

SOLO: Tambour d'eau

Denise Pelletier – the dot’s silence with value.

Transparency and breath happiness - a kind of air movement and fragrance merging. Each element wants to be understood not even by the eye.
I have come by the Denise Pelletier’s works with some different kind of emotion: like that - to not chip away a drop of dew from a leaf of dandelion from my garden.
The tactile is present. The eye could not see always.
The white color weight down your heart, the thin paper sustains unconditionally, the printed verse takes values from the organized dots.
Don’t waiting for shocking elements!
Don’t thinking to exaltation!
Be introspective!
Think to a wave and to his inverse flow.
Somewhere without gravitation.
You don’t smile, you don’t cry, you don’t breathe, because you are aware of fragility. If you inhale too much it could be wrong – it is possible to move the silence.
Please take a sit and don’t say anything.
Please come tomorrow and also don’t say anything.
Then read poetry.
Think that the paper accepts you just in light.
Find out Denise just in clean spaces without noise.

Ciprian Ciuclea –

Collection: Uniunea artistilor plastici, Timisoara, Romania

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